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As There are now several Ice Skating web sites in New Zealand this website will show the links with respect to NZ ice skating so surfers can have an easy reference starting point. 
If you wish a link on this page please email the webmaster


Ice Rinks in NZ

Alpine Ice Sports Centre (Christchurch)

Ice Sports Southland
Paradice Ice Skating Arenas (Auckland)


Botany Downs



Figure Skating

New Zealand
Ice Skating Association
Centaurus Ice
Skating Club
Glenburn Figure Skating Club
Ice Sports Southland
Cats Figure Skating Site
Ricky Cockerill
Fan Site
Skating down under NZ & Australia
(by Susan Russell)


Ice Hockey

New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation
Auckland Ice Hockey Association
Dunedin Ice Hockey League
Rink Rats Ice Hockey Club
Aardwolfs B League  Ice hockey    (Christchurch)
Senior Non Contact  ice hockey (Christchurch)
Dragons B website (Christchurch)
Canterbury Women Ice Hockey Team Site



New Zealand Curling Association



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